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Best/Cheap Filipino Restaurant/Cafe in Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Filipino/Asian Restaurant Reviews' started by NepNoy, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. NepNoy

    NepNoy Member

    1. Any Best/Cheap Filipino Restaurants/Cafe in Hong Kong You have been or You know?

    2. Also, Don't forget to recommend the delicious Filipino food. Thanks.
  2. Methersgate

    Methersgate Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Well, my information will be twenty years out of date, but I recall that there was one once.
  3. Timmers

    Timmers Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I'd say that if you go to the place where the Filipino domestic workers congregate on Sunday you will be told of the best and cheapest places to eat as I would say that the domestic workers cannot always afford to eat in the best eateries of HK.
  4. joi1991

    joi1991 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I've never seen one when I was there. Didn't need it because HK foods are delicious!
  5. Rephidim10

    Rephidim10 Member

    Hi. We've been to Hongkong quiet a few times but I havent seen Filipino rest
    We've been to Hongkong quiet a few times but didn't notice any Filipino restaurant except from Jollibee. Anyway, Hongkong cuisine worth trying!
  6. graham59

    graham59 Banned

    Have a walk around the 'stalls' and restos on the ground floor of Chungking Mansions on Nathan Road, Kowloon (opposite the exit of TST underground station. There may also be individual eating places in the different Chungking 'blocks'. (A, B, C, etc.) Look on the signs at the lift/elevator entrances.

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