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Is it naff to pursue the sister of a woman that you have had a relationship with?

Discussion in 'Personal Discussions' started by Anonymous, Jun 17, 2015.


Is it naff to go after the sister of a woman that you have had a relationship with?

  1. Yes its naff; don't even think about it.

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  2. It's OK if the girl dropped you / cheated on you, and you allow reasonable time. Not otherwise

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  3. Yes, but not both at the same time!

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  1. Methersgate

    Methersgate Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Update: He didn't do it.
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  2. Timmers

    Timmers Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Good to see his morals kicked in although a little belatedly :)
  3. ChoiAndJohn

    ChoiAndJohn Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    As tempting as the words 'twin sisters' sound to some guys, I really think its a terrible idea unless you want to end of sharing the fate of John Bobbitt.
    I'm not surprised he didn't go ahead with it.
  4. oss

    oss Somewhere Staff Member

    I had a boss thirty years ago who was married to one twin but both of them lived with him, and his wife was a very nice and very pretty lady :)

    I have a young friend right now who has a gorgeous German girlfriend, a couple of nights back I went into the pub and said hello to my friend and then to his lassie thinking she had dyed her hair, looked right and saw Yan*** (keeping her anonymous :)) she was working in the pub that night and serving me my pint of mild :)

    Anyway I had a moment or three where I really was thinking what, who, where :D

    The thing that got me was that Yan's twin seemed to recognise me even though we had never met, this must be due to standard subliminal signalling between people where she got the recognition signal from me and being a 'twin' just responded in the affirmative out of habit as if the pair of them were a synchronised person :D

    One had hair dyed blonde the other a natural black, both utterly gorgeous ladies and really identical :D
  5. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Is black hair "dyed" blonde, or "bleached" blonde.

    Tell me, I need to know!

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