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What is it like to live in Ayshire and Glasgow, Scotland

Discussion in 'Life in the UK' started by Nova, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Nova

    Nova New Member

    Hi everyone! Anyone who lives in Ayshire or Glasgow, Scotland? I am collecting information what is it like to live in there. I have read a lot of information on the internet but would like to know first hand from you guys, especially a filipina who lives or stayed in there. Also, if you know other groups about filipinas who stayed in Glasgow/Ayshire!

    Hoping to hear from anyone!
  2. oss

    oss Not Here Staff Member

    Well the Ayrshire coast used to be our holiday destination for the summer back in the days before people took flights to Spain for their summer holidays, it's cold damp and wet a lot of the time as being on the west coast we get a lot of rain.

    But it is beautiful.


    The towns on the coast were a bit run down the last time I was up that way but it is a lovely part of the world and I would consider retiring in Ayrshire myself eventually.

    I would say that Scotland is not that densely populated and it has the potential to be quite lonely in some of the coastal towns, Glasgow on the other hand is a proper busy city and a good one at that.

    While Ana has visited Glasgow we never got to find any local Filipina groups but she was only with me in Scotland for a couple of months and that was long ago.
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  3. Heathen

    Heathen Active Member

    Yes i fully concur with what you say about Ayrshire its a lovely part of Scotland i especially liked the small town of Girvan just south of Ayr iself.
  4. oss

    oss Not Here Staff Member

    That shot was taken on Ardrossan beach, Girvan is quite nice, I have friends there, but I'm more familiar with Renfrewshire as that is where I grew up and lived most of my life.
  5. oss

    oss Not Here Staff Member

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