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Discussion in 'Consumer Concerns' started by angel1988, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. angel1988

    angel1988 New Member

    Hi guys, I need your sincerely advice again.. Here is my story I have been dating this British man for almost three years. He had been to the Philippines Twice .Also , I attempt to apply a visitor visa before but I had experienced a family issues that involved financial at my end so I just set aside the application. Now that my boyfriend and I talked about it , I would like to ask the following :
    1. If what would be the best time to apply ?
    2.If we are going to choose to apply for a sponsor visa what would be the concrete requirements at my end and his end?
    3. Since it was sponsor by him, how much would I need to provide to my financial stability or its not needed if you have an sponsor ?
    4. I am connected to a non-stock housing organization as a bookkeeper but they can only provide the following; COE, LOA, and Payroll without deduction since they never impose it. Is this enough as an evidence that I have work?
    5. It is necessary that the one who sponsor me should send his original hard bound copy of documents for the submission in the embassy or soft / scan copy will do?

    Looking forward to get some any positive comments , advice and answers to the above mention questions

    Thank you

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