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6 Things Nobody Told Me About the Philippines

Discussion in 'Travel Tips and Advice' started by JohnAsh, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh No longer a member

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  2. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Good find - a young, enthusiastic traveller :)
  3. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh No longer a member

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  4. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh No longer a member

    " There is something about the Philippines, something about the way people here choose to engage with you which I have never experienced before. Everywhere I go, I am greeted with beaming, honest, smiles. I have not yet been asked for anything by anyone; in fact, I have been bought numerous beers and treated to numerous meals – Sisig (pork face) included!

    The Filipino mentality is totally different to everywhere else I have ever been; people are genuine here. Sure, there must be a few bad folks scattered around but, in general, everybody I have met has not been just ‘friendly’, they have been unbelievably accommodating – everyone want’s to be my friend but it’s not overwhelming. It’s very different to India, for example, where you can get caught on the street by a mob of people demanding selfies (although selfies are definitely popular in The Philippines!), people just genuinely want to know what I think of their country and to help me out."

  5. HaloHalo

    HaloHalo Administrator Staff Member

    Asawas friend visited Whang today for her first tattoo. She travelled two days to get the tattoo however it was Whangs grandaughter that did it and Whang "signed" the tattoo with 3 dots above the grandaughters effort.

    Asawas friend said the tattoo was like ants biting but Whangs signature was painful and made her arm bleed. I think Whang can be forgiven, the grandaughter said she was more than 100 years old and recently had Pneumomia.
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