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A place to live in manila.

Discussion in 'Life in the Philippines' started by bigmac, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    My wifes daughter has now graduated and needs to move to manila for her review. She needs a place to live..near the FEU.

    What sort of rents are the norm..for a studio or condo.?

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  2. oss

    oss Not Here Staff Member

    I can't say with any certainty, the last rent I paid for a condo over ten years ago was 10,000 a month with 1,500 extra association dues (think of that as a shared facility tax) the place was essentially a studio flat less than 27 sqm in a tower block.

    My British friend was paying about 26,000 a month for a condo in Makati and I knew a guy who was paying 60,000 a month for a huge Condo unit in Salcedo Village Makati but they were business districts.

    The FEU looks like it is in the old City near Chinatown and that area is very densely populated and not that far from Tondo, not a great area I've driven through it and was quite scared. I had friends that had shared accommodation in Tondo and they were paying in the region of 3000 a month but I think they were sharing with quite a number of others.

    Our place is nowhere near the old city we are much further south and I'm currently paying 10,000 peso a month for a large terraced house with 150 peso a month for the subdivision association fees.

    Boots is probably your best bet for current info on the local property market.
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  3. Bootsonground

    Bootsonground Well-Known Member

  4. Daveyw1988

    Daveyw1988 Member

    My lady rents a small studio in las pinas 6k a month...I stayed there for nearly 2 out of the 3 weeks...only downside was is no proper shower and only cold water...other than that...lovely small space

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