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Air China

Discussion in 'Hotel and Travel reviews' started by jims456, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. jims456

    jims456 Member

    For members wanting cheap flights try Air China, I found them very professional and the price was amazing.
    The downside is, at the time of writing there is no direct flight London to Manila so you will need to stop at Beijing.
    Allow at least two hours for transfer and you will be fine, sometimes there are delays during the transfer process but the ticket price makes up for that:)
  2. john jones

    john jones Active Member

    I booked a flight with them about a month ago for November. 367 quid! Bargain! I have short stop over times too so well chuffed.
  3. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    Air China may be competitive to and from London but that's certainly not the case for other European cities.

    I am in the process of looking at flights between the Philippines and Malta but Air China has no fare (or code shares) for Malta, so I used Rome as the destination - there are several flights a day between Rome and Malta including Ryanair :)eek:). Here's what I found based on outbound (Manila - Rome) end of August, returning end of November, per passenger in economy:
    • Air China: £1,251.87 (via Beijing)
    • Asiana: £602.85 (via Incheon)
    • Etihad: £643.05 (via Abu Dhabi)
    • Emirates: £742.15 (via Dubai)
    • China Southern: £742.45 (via Guangzhou and Paris)
    • Turkish: £763.45 (via Istanbul)
    • Ethiopian: £800.55 (via Addis Ababa)
    • Lufthansa: £819.45 (via Singapore and Frankfurt)
    • Xiamen: £839.00 (via Xiamen and Amsterdam - major sectors are KLM)
    • China Eastern: £865.00 (via Chengdu and Shanghai)
    • KLM: £864.80 (via Taipei and Amsterdam)
    • Korean: £899.35 (via Incheon)
    • Qatar: £902.45 (via Doha)
    • Cathay Pacific: £1,085.35 (via Hong Kong)
    Air China is not only more expensive than its three state-owned sister airlines (China Eastern, China Southern and Xiamen) but also significantly more expensive than "quality" carriers such as Etihad, Emirates, Turkish and KLM.
  4. Stupot10

    Stupot10 Active Member

    I'm in the phil at the moment having arrived on Friday. Flew Etihad this time. Good flight, easy connection in Abu Dhabi. But as for airline food really not impressed. The sweet on the meals were the only parts I liked. When hungry eat anything though. Glad I had a meal in Heathrow before flying.
  5. john jones

    john jones Active Member

    Flew with Etihad a few times. Paid 475 in April with them for a short stop over flight.
  6. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    So much, I paid 360 in January with Etihad also with a short stop-over.
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