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Anyone been scammed online before?

Discussion in 'Rant and Rave' started by aposhark, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member


    I have never been scammed online previously, so I suppose I have been lucky, but I think I have been scammed now.

    I saw an advert on Facebook for a couple of pairs of Ecco sandals (one for me and one for my missus) for $30 and the final charge to me being £34.85
    I mistakenly thought that adverts through Facebook would be bona fide.

    I waited to receive the sandals but received a "Givenchy" ladies baseball cap three weeks later.

    I contacted them via their email message contact in their message congratulating me on my purchase and to be patient with my delivery blah blah.

    I contacted them again about receiving the wrong goods.

    The reply from them was asking me if I wanted a refund or an exchange.
    I have researched a little bit to find that they have done this to many people in many countries.
    I have not replied to the email yet but it seems they only want to refund a much reduced amount even when people have said that it was their problem by sending the wrong goods from China.

    I was surprised that they seem to be sending wrong and much cheaper goods to people but they are replying to emails. It is not like they are fly-by-night rogues.

    To lose £35 is not the end of the world but I hate these crooks who try to scam people.

    Any ideas?
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2020
  2. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    A cpuple of years ago, I ordered what looked like a very cheap 10" android tablet from wish. What I received was definitively hot what I did order. The sender did not aknowledge my grievance, so fired a very angry email to the resolution centre and I was asked for proof of item. I took a scrren shot of the item advertised, purchase receipt and a picture of the item received together with the packaging...
    8 days later my 18 quid were back in my account.
    I tried Banggood, and although the 2 items ordered were the real maccoy and work rather well, the delivery times of 4 weeks +, put me off from repeating the experience.

    Amazon ot Ebay for me, and only if maximum delivery time is less than 5 days. Otherwise the chances are that the item comes from abroad.
  3. Druk1

    Druk1 Well-Known Member

    Lot of drop-shippers online nowadays.
  4. Heathen

    Heathen Active Member

    Ebay mostly for me, with the proviso that the seller has a good feedback score and delivery is within the week.. otherwise as The Don says, goods are likely to be from China or elsewhere..
    No i havent been scammed online, but fell for a phone scam about 10 months or so ago..
  5. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    I purchased a brand new iPhone on eBay a few years back. Never received the item. After contacting the seller I got a reply comprising a wink.

    Fortunately I was covered through PAYPAL . My understanding is that quite a number of purchasers were “done” at the same time by the same buyer.

    This was a one off occurrence for me.
  6. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    the other week i was on facebook early--about 7 am. an advert appeared--for pills that us usual promised enhanced male potency--and had been on dragons den. all they wanted was for me to try a free sample--just pay postage of 2-50p...
    i thought--why not.
    almost as soon as i had paid--online from my current a/c--i got a text from my bank--nationwide --asking if my payment was authentic--or to phone a number if it wasnt.. so i did nothing.

    a bit later--i got a phone call--again from nationwide--an auto message asking the same--press 1 if ok--or phone a number.

    all this before 8 am. by now i was a bit worried. i checked my a/c online--and 2 payments had been requested--2-50p and 3-50p.

    after 9 am i phoned the number--and had a long conversation the gist of which it was likely a scam--and the bank wanted to cancel my card and issue a new one. i was pit through to another number--and waited about an hour listening to music and repeated messages. i gave up.

    so--i kept checking my a/c over the next few hours--days..no further action.
    the pills arrived as promised--in fact--2 lots of different ones.
    so i thought no more about it.

    a week later i was hit for 2 payments: 82 quid and 85. but i had ordered 2 items of a similar cost from a regular bona fide trader i did business with every so often...but i thought i had used my credit card.

    next day my credit card DID show a payment for 179 quid--so those 2 payments were not what i had ordered.

    phone call to my bank--a helpfull lady looked up my a/c---and saw the 2 payments pending--to an outfit called fitnow. the bank hadnt paid it. she explained it happens a lot. the payments were cancelled. i havent heard anything more--yet.
  7. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Facebook seems to be allowing so many bogus advertisers on their site.
  8. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    I usually cancel all adverts on facebook, marking them "irrilevant" and then click not to show again on my page,
  9. oss

    oss Somewhere Staff Member

    Never been scammed as in actively fooled into some kind of sale or scheme.

    I did have my card hijacked 4 years ago after buying a video on the service called BlinkBox which was owned by Talk Talk at that time, their backend server had been compromised and the card payment details had been intercepted, there were 2 large card payments which were immediately blocked by the issuer sadly I had to get a new card, I got my money back quick enough though and I saw the transactions and reported the activity immediately although they had already blocked them at that point, whole thing was a pain.

    I recently paid the renewal for a service I have used for 15 years only to find that my account was still expired, that was paid via PayPal and although it took a month I got the £100 back looks like the vendor had gone out of business, their secure email service still works but the storage I paid for does not, real shame as I am going to have to write this service myself now.

    On eBay only ever complained about an item a couple of times in each case I was told to keep what was sent and they would either replace or refund, when you have 100% buyer reputation on eBay the sellers are quite scared of you :)
  10. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    a year or so back i went to pay online for an ebay purchase on a sunday--only to find my bank card had been blocked.
    on the monday a letter from nationwide informed me my card had been blocked because of suspicious activity on my a/c..and to phone up.
    which i did. after the security process--i was asked if i had bought something in a shop in florida...never been to america in my life. very unlikely to either. turns out several small purchases were being processed too.

    so--my card had been cloned. new card was issued. just as well the bank system picked it up in good time.

    now i check my a/c each day on my phone.

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