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Buying flights really early

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by oss, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    Had a quick look at how much Emirates is charging at the moment for sending my wife to Pinas next year for a full Sinulog, and I found out that it is nearly unaffordable. taking the mickey, really.
  2. Heathen

    Heathen Active Member

    Yeah just checked Air China today, and those prices have now gone, the cheapest is departing on 24th december, return 3rd january showing as £616 for the adult, and £461 for a child. :(
  3. oss

    oss Not Here

    I checked when you posted and the price was higher for a single traveller anyway, but yeah they never advertise at the same price for more than a few days and you can bet that they haven't sold any tickets, it's just the computer algorithms doing their bit in the background based on the interest for particular general dates.
  4. Alexnew

    Alexnew Active Member

    I booked about 3 months in advance and got 2 return tickets from Heathrow to Manila for £645 each return with Singapore Air. A bit more than I've paid before as this was booked later then usual for me. But it's my favourite airline, so happy to pay a bit more and increase the air miles
  5. oss

    oss Not Here

    Dom I don't know what dates you are looking at for her but this would cover Cebu Sinulog next year (I think).

    Ah not thinking clearly you need Cebu.


    Here's something more appropriate although it is a mix of airlines

    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
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  6. oss

    oss Not Here

    Was that for a journey over Christmas last year?

    I would like to try Singapore Airlines.
  7. Druk1

    Druk1 Active Member

    Got an invite to lunch in Barcelona for Saturday,couldnt find a good deal for Barcelona Saturday morning so flying tomorrow to Perpignan,night in a hotel,then train to Barcelona Saturday for lunch,very cheap flight seeing as I booked this morning and flying tomorrow.
  8. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    I endorse @Alexnew's opinion: Singapore Airlines is a great carrier and I used to be one of their regular passengers on regional flights out of KL and Singapore. In the early days most of their flight deck crews were Australian with others on loan from B-Cal (remember them?). I really wanted to fly with them when we moved from Davao to Malta (via Frankfurt) 3 years ago but they were just too expensive and KLM got the business.

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