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Child Settlement Visa

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by Crofter, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Crofter

    Crofter New Member

    My wife and myself are trying to bring her son and my stepson to the UK before his 18th birthday on the 13th of January and have hit the following problem.

    When he went to the approved clinic in Manila and was tested for TB the results came back as positive and was referred for treatment.This treatment takes over 6 months and after treatment he will be over the age of 18.

    All other paperwork is in order as far as I'm concerned and cannot see any other problems apart from this TB test.

    He has an online application and a case number registered with VFS in Manila but no appointment made at present.

    Has anybody encountered this problem who could give me advice?

  2. KeithAngel

    KeithAngel 2063 Lifetime Member

    Not that Ive heard of I also dont know if the application date is the basis for "age" or the visa issue date.

    Just for information the European rules use 21 as the cut off date
  3. Crofter

    Crofter New Member

    Hi All

    Still seeking advice on this subject

  4. KeithAngel

    KeithAngel 2063 Lifetime Member

    P.M. sent for you
  5. Mystica

    Mystica Member

    You can find the answer from here.


    Bringing your children

    This section explains how your children can apply to enter or remain in the UK with you, if you are (or are applying as) the husband, wife or civil partner of a British citizen or a person settled here.

    Children aged under 18
    The Children of British citizens and settled people section describes the requirements that your children must meet if they want to enter or remain in the UK. It also explains how they can apply from abroad.
    Children aged 18 or over
    If you have children who are aged 18 or over, they cannot apply as your child dependants. They may be able to apply to enter the UK as other dependent relatives in exceptional circumstances.

    If you have completed your probationary period in the UK and are applying for permision to settle here permanently (known as 'indefinite leave to remain'), you must not include any children aged over 18 in your application (even if they were under 18 when they were given permission to stay as your dependent children). If they are not already settled here, they must apply for settlement separately using application form SET(F).

  6. Crofter

    Crofter New Member

    Hi Mystica

    I have read all the requirements and as far as I'm concerned we meet all the requirements apart from not having a negative TB certificate.

    My wife has her full ILR and is in the process of applying for her UK citizinshi

    My stepson is having treatment for this condition at present but he will be over the age of 18 by the time treatment is finished and gets a negative TB certificate.

    Will VFS accept all his paperwork without negative clearance certificate.

    Will VFS and entry clearance officer in Manila refuse to process paperwork as he has not got a negative Certificate?

    This TB certificate is a new requirement did not have this problem when we brought my stepdaughter to UK 18 months ago.

    My main concern is that he turns 18 in January and if he is denied a visa he has little chance of getting one after he is 18.
  7. Micawber

    Micawber Renowned Lifetime Member

    Hello Crofter,

    Sorry to learn about the problems with your stepsons TB test.

    Were the tests simply inconclusive, requiring only a sputum test taking 2 months, or did you stepson get diagnosed with tuberculosis?

    If the test certificate was refused due to positive diagnosis of say Pulmonary TB, then it's likely that a daily anitibiotic treatment may take anything up to 6 months.
    If say Extrapulmonary TB was diagnosed then sadly it will be at least 12 months with daily course of the same antiboitic.

    I can tell you that UKBA will refuse any application not supported by a TB test certificate. In your stepsons case they will also need to have official documentary evidence submitted that treatment has been followed and that he is now free and clear from TB.
    Sorry to be blunt about it Crofter but that is the bottom line.

    I'm sure you've thought out possible options, but at the risk of suggesting something you know about, if Pulmonary TB was diagnosed then why not continue with the treatment given, but at the same time have a regular X-ray done at a local clinic to check on progress. The X-Ray will be much less cost and will avoid the need of trips to Manila. Be sure that the number of X-rays is agreed with a qualified Doctor and be sure to account for a final passing X-Ray at the UKBA approved clinic in Manila
    Hopefully a clear diagnosois may be forthcoming during the 6 months period and thereby allowing a test at the UKBA approved clinic in time for your fully pre-prepared visa application.

    Food for thought.

    From here, wishing good luck to all and especially to your stepson for a good recovery and visa application.
  8. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Lovely reply, Micawber :like:

    Best wishes and hopes for a good outcome also Crofter :)
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  9. Micawber

    Micawber Renowned Lifetime Member

    Thank you Mike for your kind words.
    Hope you are all doing good too.
  10. joyclarke

    joyclarke Member


    If in case he has reached 18 by the time the test has cleared, I don't know if this would help but a friend of mine several years ago has successfully overturned UK Embassy's decision as my friend's daughter was still in full time education and my friend was supporting her daughter and thereby argued the toss that she is still a dependent and not living an independent life. She has spent a lot of money though with a very good immigration solicitor.

    I hope this helps.

  11. shengsei1990

    shengsei1990 Member

    Hi, how i can apply my son as my dependants who is married to a british citizen? Can i apply him online here in Uk? He still 5yrs old, and im the sole and legal parent. I can apply for him here in uK? Or i need to apply for him in Phil?
  12. shengsei1990

    shengsei1990 Member

    Hi there, i already fill up the online form in visa4uk site for my 5 yrs old son under Settlement- Child or Other Dependant of Settled Person. When i fill in the form online and supposed to pay his NHS Surcharge it goes directly to gov.uk payment site and i fill in his information and it asked the whos family joining and remain in UK, and i put my information as well as my IHS Number when i apply my FLR and the expiration date. The shocking there that makes me confuse is it didnt asked any payment. It says He is exempted and email me right away my son IHS number. Im glad and happy it saved my 500. But im worried when i go through it will asked to pay me in other way. i dont know. I just follow the online form to book an appointment and pay the visa.

    One thing also, im about to book my son TB Test in IOM, it says there if it below 10yrs old no need an X-ray, only doctors basic check up. Im thinking if it is only a doctors basic check up they will give the certificate right away, and the following day they will go to vfs office and send all the supporting documents. Is there any complication for my 5yrs old son basic check up? There is no TB history in our family and my son dont have any cough at the momment. It cost a lot of effort for my mom fly in Manila from Davao just to have that TB test check up and then back to Davao. And then back to Manila again to passed all the documents in the VFS office after they got the certificate and i will book an appointment right away.

    Im thinking, how about if i book an appointment for a Tb test for my son Wednesday and then thursday is the appointment to VFS office??,,
    I really need advice if that will be okay? Or is it risky???,,,,

    Thanks and Regards to all BFF
  13. deanobeano

    deanobeano Active Member

    I would wait till get the tb result before book appointment, just in case they find anything, i was going to book it for my wife but had setback at the tb, so need to wait 8 weeks for the sputum test result.
  14. shengsei1990

    shengsei1990 Member

    Thanks for the Suggestion @deanobeano, Its so shame that my son with mom and brother fly to Manila and cost £350 for only £10pound Health Check-up and then fly back to Davao.

    I already booked an appointment in IOM, they will fly in Manila early in the morning and then fly back to Davao in the Evening. I will wait the result before i will book the VFS, So another £350 for them to go to Manila for VFS and then back to Davao wait for the Visa Result.

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