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Dating a separated married pinay

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by chrism, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    That is why I ignore it if and when it does occur.

    " Do you need anything from Tesco/Sainsury/ Asda.. I am going to do some shopping, be back soon??"

    It soon passes.
  2. Bluebird71

    Bluebird71 Well-Known Member

    I also ignore Tampo.

    Some of my own thoughts - my own understanding is that adultery can only be committed by a wife and her paramour. For the man, the crime is concubinage. Adultery is easier to prove than concubinage - I may be wrong.

    Also, only the husband can file a complaint for adultery.

    I believe it carries a jail sentence of 7 years.

    Some things you may need to consider. Is it possible for him to add you to the watchlist? Is it possible for you to, somehow, be found with drugs on you?

    I think it would be more likely that the husband went down that route than contacting the police.

    I certainly wouldn't be threatening him with reciprocal action. You should seek an annulment and then meet your gf somewhere else like Thailand where no visas are needed until it's finished.
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  3. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    my wife went through a phase of those. i put it down to--1: homesick--and missing her family.; 2: i have quite a few friends -locally--who just happen to be female, although my wife knows them--there was a degree of jealousy. this resulted in the usual quiet moods--not talking or replying to me. in the end--i kicked off. told her in no uncertain terms she was seriously facing wrecking what she now has--a good life in the UK--which was her dream ambition. also it was no environment to bring her kid over to. that seems to have done the trick--and normal service was resumed as soon as possible.
  4. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    You're spot-on with your facts and spot-on with your advice although I'd choose Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia as meeting places rather Thailand any day of the week.

    One common misconception is that the Philippine Police prosecute law-breakers, generally speaking they don't, the victim has that headache.

    In this case, the errant husband simply needs to pay a visit to his nearest office of the Bureau of Immigration and speak with the duty lawyer who will be delighted prepare a case against the naughty foreigner (ChrisM) for adultery and place him on a watch list. The next time that the miscreant enters the country, he will be arrested at the border and detained pending a court case prosecuted by the errant husband. Men screwing other men's wives is not on and especially when it's a foreigner is doing the dirty deed; lawyers will fall over themselves to take the case on a contingency basis as the foreigner will almost certainly be found guilty and have to make a quite possibly large fiduciary reparation to the wronged husband as well as meet that man's legal costs as well as his own.

    As for the OP's suggestion of threatening a court case against the errant husband, all I can say is "do not even consider it". If you value your sanity, your wallet and your life, you do not threaten any Filipino ever.
  5. John Surrey

    John Surrey Active Member

  6. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    its all convincing me of the overwhelming need to stay well away from the place. we are now married--she got an annulment. her ex husband was very co-operative, but he has several brothers and sisters--who are most likely not aware of this. so they would all want their slice of the pie. me being the pie.
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  7. HaloHalo

    HaloHalo Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Be sensible. Be respectful. Philippines is right up there as one of the most memorable places I have visited.

    I can find a scare story for almost any country in the world, rich or poor.
  8. Bootsonground

    Bootsonground Well-Known Member

    Dont go down that road!!
    You would be filing a case based on Concubinage not adultery...Much harder to prove in a Man`s world!!
  9. Mystica

    Mystica Member

    The woman is only committing bigamy if she marry chrism. At the moment the woman is committing adultery (pakiki-apid in Tagalog) and when caught by the husband by surprise (not intentionally or planned) technically the husband can get away with the crime. But if the husband knew about their affair and commit a crime intentionally or planned he can't get away with it.

    The husband is committing concubinage by having another woman and has children with her. In other words, if the husband has his own affair, the wife can equally sue him if he tries to sue her.

    Although, Adultery and Concubinage are difficult to prove it has to be caught in the act mating with witnesses before it can be accepted as an evidence in the court.
  10. Mystica

    Mystica Member

    In this case, if the husband has already a new partner with 2 children, there is no way the husband will try to attract anything that can only give him problem, as he himself has children and the birth certificate of the children is under his name, this is enough evidence in the court that he has committed concubinage.
  11. asgloki

    asgloki Member

    I was in a similar situation, I was in a relationship with a wonderful pinay for over 3 years but she was already married but separated with a daughter. I decided to break up with her about 8 months ago because of the extreme cost and time it would take to get an annulment. I now have a new GF who had never been married and no kids, so its much more simple. If I was you I would run while you can, but if you have plenty of money and time then maybe stick it out if she is really the one. My new girl is also wonderful though and she has a good job and well educated ;-) we live and learn.
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