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English test

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by pip taylor, Oct 9, 2019 at 3:32 PM.

  1. pip taylor

    pip taylor Member

    i just received this from trinity collage where my wife took her B1

    i thought and was led to believe that once she passed the B1 test, that would last for her PLM visa , even if it went out of date , they would still accept it for her visa

    now i am confused and do not want to fail her Permanent leave to remain over the English test, so the Question is. if she passed the B1 an even if it goes out of date, will the visa application still be ok

    You must pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT) in at least CEFR level A2 in Speaking and Listening for the Further Leave to Remain (visa extension), required two and a half years after passing an A1 test.

    Home Office announcement
    UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requires non-EEA nationals to pass a SELT in speaking and listening at level A2 after 2.5 years in the UK, in order to qualify for further leave to remain on the five-year partner or parent route to settlement.

    Trinity's Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) Grade 3 (A2) SELT is approved by UKVI for this purpose.

    Trinity's GESE Grade 3 (A2) SELT
    • 7 minute speaking and listening test
    • Provisional results on the same day
    • Certificate usually sent within 7 days
  2. UKDJ

    UKDJ Active Member

    My understanding is, B1 is a higher standard than A2.

    There is nothing - as far as I can see - in the text you have copied about an expiry date for the B1 test, although it only talks about the 2nd FLRM application (after the first 2.5 year FLRM), not Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). To satisfy yourself, I would search the IELTS/British Council website.
  3. Mattecube

    Mattecube I have no need Trusted Member

    you will find your answers here
  4. pip taylor

    pip taylor Member

    his is what i found, so my understanding is,,,, is that the B1 can be used, even if out of date ????????
  5. pip taylor

    pip taylor Member

  6. Mattecube

    Mattecube I have no need Trusted Member

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