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help for kevin taylor

Discussion in 'British Filipino Suggestion Box' started by charlene taylor, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. charlene taylor

    charlene taylor Member

    This is Charlene. Kevin's wife, been released just a month ago and soon kevin too. Unfortunately, he will be transfered to immigration for his deportation. Can anyone advise me please what to expect? BTW kevins health isnt that goid now, with one eyesight, and nutrient deficeincy, would he be able to survive another detention?
  2. Kevin Taylor 1965

    Kevin Taylor 1965 New Member

    Hi Charlene, well im here, what to say, its the same as camp crame but worse, now as in all jails and prisons in the Philippines the overcrowding is rife, theres over 300 in here. All foriegners and the place was built for 80 people, there's rats running around the place some as big as your hand.

    The foods inedible with chicken almost every day, they call it (**** in a bag) sorry about the swear word, the reason being it looks like brown sludge and of course rice, which you can't give away... So tired of rice, so normally i just eat the chicken. Cha does wonders if and when she visits she tries to bring me some home cooking and groceries, visits are in short supply right now as shes now working (God bless her) and she has little fare.

    The corruption by the guards is worse than crame.... The prices are higher as the korean crime lords tend to pay whatever they are asked for.. And theres a few of them in here.

    They have just filled the whole place with Chinese construction workers. Mainly to extort money from the employers for their release, which the employers pay as the employers are also chinese, its a big scam really. They are sleeping everywhere and things get somewhat tense at times.

    My health well I've gained a little weight due to Charlene and her sarap cooking, my eyes seem to be levelled off, i got new glasses in October (thanks pa) which took me 11months to get. The prob is i can only use them for seeing distance, for reading i need to lift them, don't know if its because of the light being dim in here. My mental health is going downwards as i really don't understand what or why things are happening to me, leaving the phillipines scare me as im leaving behind my cha and the girls. The consul came around the other week and i just broke down in front of her and cried my eyes out, why am i being further punished all the time, hasnt the Philippine islands taken enough from me and my family.

    Well thats all for now and thanks to you all for reading our posts xx
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