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I may have to move to a rural location. Experience of Filipino partner adapting?

Discussion in 'Relationship Advice' started by ArronKey, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. ArronKey

    ArronKey New Member

    My girlfriend is from Manila and has only ever lived in large cities of over a million people.

    I have got a job offer which involves working on rural air bases, basically think air traffic control type work.

    I am planning to marry my GF next year and I’m getting worried about how she will adapt to life in a small village or town.

    Should I be worried here and does anyone have a similar experience? At the moment she can’t drive, and as I said probably doesn’t know what she’s in for in terms of remoteness.

    I was hoping we would live somewhere with a Filipino population, however I doubt this will be possible now.

    thank you!
  2. Druk1

    Druk1 Well-Known Member

    She has a year to learn to drive,book lessons.As a people pinoys adapt,i know a couple who live in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan,they don't necessarily like it but they work there.
    This is interesting...
  3. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Hello and :welcome: here, ArronKey :),

    Filipinos are well known to be the most adaptable people and they are very hard workers.
    They just seem to have a "can-do" attitude and they just get on with it. ;)

    My wife came from a tiny island and she has adapted to live in an English town and works very hard.
    I have met Filipinos who have moved from big cities to small villages and they seem to get on well.
    I don't think you have to worry unless your girlfriend is painfully shy.
    My wife is quite shy but she has an inner steeliness that drives her on.
    She regularly gets awards and certificates from a well known hotel chain for her hard work.

    I worked with many Filipino men in many countries over many years and they too are amazingly adaptable :)
  4. DavidAlma

    DavidAlma Well-Known Member

    Will you be working at one location or moving around? Will it not be possible to live in a town close to where you'll be working and commute?
  5. ArronKey

    ArronKey New Member

    I’ll be moving around for the first few years or so. I feel sorry that I have to put her through such disruption though.
  6. ArronKey

    ArronKey New Member

    thank you! I think hotel work is a good shout, and she has a lot of experience house-keeping, and has a formal qualification in hotel work.

    I guess even a small town would be nice and provide a few opportunities for her to have some stable work.

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