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Lowaii Cebu Marine Hotel

Discussion in 'Hotel and Travel reviews' started by Alexnew, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Alexnew

    Alexnew Active Member

    Checked in here about a few hours ago, in a word, disappointing.

    My wife overlooked a few bits when booking! I should've paid more attention.

    Don't get me wrong the grounds are lovely and picturesque. The pool and private beach seem great too, I'll confirm that in the morning. Staff are pleasant. The bar a restaurant areas are nice too, but no entertainment. I'm currently the only person in the bar!

    The rooms leave a lot to be desired (unless you book a far more expensive room). No TV, safe or tea/coffee making facilities, lacking in power sockets and the wardrobe has no door. I haven't personally checked the bathroom yet, but parents said that the flush on the loo is weak (I'll let you imagine what happened). When they mentioned this to reception, they were told all rooms are like this!

    It's also very far out of the way, the hotel offer a ride to the bus / taxi rank, but there's a 400P fee!

    I understand the hotel is mainly frequented by Japanese tourists, i guess the hotel is more suited to their needs.

    Currently negotiating a possible refund / part refund.

    I could see this being a great place for certain people wishing to get away from it all. But not good for us on this trip with my pensioner parents whom we want to show around and when not, ensuring they have sufficient things to do to keep themselves content.

    Any recommendations for Cebu city hotels greatly appreciated!
  2. DavidAlma

    DavidAlma Active Member

    Hi Alex, welcome to the forum.
    I don't know that particular hotel. I have stayed at many hotels in Cebu and Mactan and really can't say I was over impressed with any. Best two hotels by a long way were Marco Polo in Cebu and Crimson Resort and Spa in Mactan. Enjoyed both of those.
  3. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    The best is Marco Polo Plaza in Nivel Hills; I have never been disappointed during my stays there. Also recommended are Shangri-La (Mactan), Marriot, Parklane, Best Western and Radisson Blu.
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  4. Alexnew

    Alexnew Active Member

  5. DavidAlma

    DavidAlma Active Member

    That is the Marco Polo that I was referring to Markham. I have heard that Radisson Blu and Marriot are also good, but I haven't stayed there so not able to comment.
  6. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    Just don't ask anyone about the Radison Blu's rather gruesome history ...
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  7. Timmers

    Timmers Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Sorry to hear of your plight, nothing worst than looking forward to stopping in a hotel you thought would be ideal then finding out it really doesn't come up to your expectations.

    Get yourself and family over to one of the other hotels the chaps have mentioned, we all want our mums and dads to have a good experience especially, forget about the expense until you get home, just enjoy yourself
  8. John Surrey

    John Surrey Active Member

    We always stay here:


    And book through Booking.com or one of the other sites like Agoda for discounted price.

    There's a small Mall and Cinema that you can walk to - has a nice garden and pool.
  9. Alexnew

    Alexnew Active Member

    Quick update.

    Staff at Lowaii were very nice and considerate giving us a refund for the days we didn't stay. We'd originally booked 6 nights, but only stayed 2.

    Now staying in "Big Hotel" as recommend by a friend of the Mrs. Very nice place and no issues at all, booked their executive room at P2580 per night. Centrally located and much happier all round.

    Thanks for all your replies and suggestions
  10. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I stayed at the Cebu Parklane many years ago.

    The only thing I remember is that the restaurant menu offered a special of "Stewed Bulls Gonads".

    Can't remember what I ordered, but it wasn't the Gonads.
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