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Made it

Discussion in 'Migrating to the Philippines' started by RobH, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. RobH

    RobH Member

    Hi All, well we finaly made it to Phil, Escaped the UK completely, the, she wife found a really nice house with 9000 Sq/M garden, she likes gardening thankfully. It was owned by a Brit with a Filippina wife who has contracted Parkinsons so wanted to move back to the UK, so I paid for it in the UK in pounds, great house I would neve be able to buy a house like this in the UK. I must say that I would be lost without my wife as very few people here have any grasp of English, I tried to order a take away which caused a nosebleed and the phone hanging up at their end, the discounts she gets are amazing. We are in Zambales near Iba if anyone wants to drop by.
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  2. oss

    oss Somewhere Staff Member

    Well done Rob!

    Seriously 9000 sqm that's 2.22 acres :D wow!

    Never been that far round the coast although I have seen the black sand (partial black) volcanic beaches in Subic, I guess it will be similar in Iba as the result of the 1991 Pinatubo eruption.

    If I get a chance one day I will try to visit you there I would like to see that part of the country.
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  3. graham59

    graham59 Banned

    Good luck. :like:

    We're further up the coast, near Dagupan. :)
  4. RobH

    RobH Member

    Hi, The sand here is sand coloured. Not that I've been to the beach, not a beach person, but I have seen it we go to a restaurant just by the beach, which serves European food, owned by a Swiss guy. The builders are here again building a storage shed attached to the garage. Roller shutter doors going to be fitted tomorrow, my wife is paranoid about security, we have solar lights everywhere, now she wants cctv. I brought my 2 German shepherds with me (they cost a fortune to get here) they sleep on the veranda at night, and sleep all day in the house with either the fan on or the aircon depending how hard they pant.
    The locals here are absolutely terrified of them, its amazing how quickly the word got round about the dogs. when we first moved in there was the whole village turned up at the gate to see them, when one barked at them they all moved back 20 feet.
    I still have trouble convincing the wife that they are good guards, so she wants 2 ex military rescue dogs as well, I have agreed to that as I am a dog person, but saying that we have been left a ginger tom cat, the caretaker moved out when we moved in
    and left the cat behind, Typical treatment of animals. its friendly and it gives the dogs some exercise.
    As I said before if you are down this way feel free to pop in, I only get to speak English with an American who lives about half a mile down the road.
  5. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Glad you are there now Rob , I hope it all goes well and you are really happy .
    It sounds like you have the security system pretty much sorted .

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