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Philippine passport renewal and report a marriage

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Geneveve, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Geneveve

    Geneveve New Member

    Please help me as I am really confused right now.
    My passport will expire october this year and needs to be renewed. We got married in the UK december 2016 but did not have time to register it so we we're thinking of doing both at the same time but i have read here that it is not allowed now.
    I have a spouse visa and currently pregnant for 4mos now; my mother said that we should do it all before the baby comes as it will be harder to bring him/her to London.
    Will it be possible to have it all done at the same day?
    Will it be easier to just keep my maiden name or will i have a problem when we apply to extend my visa?
    It also said there that i will need to update my BRP card. It is just a lot to think about.
    Can you please advise what would be the best thing to do.

    Thanks heaps!
  2. Mattecube

    Mattecube Glad i did it Trusted Member

    Please see link attached, on how to report your marriage,you should report it within one year of the marriage taking place! Will you get into trouble you ask? I doubt it but you may have to pay extra maybe even double the fee mentioned in the link.

    Can you renew your passport and report your marriage at the same time? I doubt very much they will let you as the link says you need your PSA for future consular transactions.(ask them once your there)

    We got married in 2015 and my wife still hasnt changed her name to her married name, travelled to the Philippines 3 times and the USA (passing through 2 European airports) also applied for 2nd FLR (successfully) in her previous name no real issues, worth keeping your marriage certificate with your travel documents we have been asked once leaving the Philippines! Also make sure your BRP card and passport always have the same info on them.
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  3. Geneveve

    Geneveve New Member

    thanks for the info.
    My husband said that we can just renew my passport with my maiden name and then register the marriage so it is ready for our next visa application.
    Will that be okay?
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  4. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    my wife got her 2nd flr last month. she still uses her previous ( married ) name as on her passport--which is due for renewel later this year. she will keep things as they are till ILR
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  5. Geneveve

    Geneveve New Member

    thanks, so she will just renew the passport and keep her maiden name too?
    will there be an issue when we decide to change to my married name afterwards?
  6. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    just change her passport details and brp--they must be the same.
  7. Robbie

    Robbie New Member

    Hi Geneveve.
    We have just registered our marriage at the Philippine embassy. It took about two weeks and cost £23. I remember that it said you can still register your marriage later,but it might cost you more. With regards to the other issue. I think its probably best to take the advice given to you and try to get everything done as soon as you can if possible. http://www.londonpe.dfa.gov.ph/
    Congratulations on your good news about the baby.
    We will help you with advice if we can.
    God bless you both.
  8. Nickel

    Nickel Active Member

    Yes you can renew your passport and also report your marriage for future need particularly change of maiden name.
    They would need a PSA copy of your report of marriage which you can order online or you may get somebody get a copy of your report of marriage and send it herein the UK vis post.Also they will ask a PSA cooy of your birth certificate.Get the form fir change of name at the embassy in London.You can just walk in as no appointment needed.
  9. Geneveve

    Geneveve New Member

    thank you @Nickel and @Robbie :)
    We have registered the marriage thru post last jan 25 and we'll be visiting the philippine embassy on feb 13.
    I have called them and they said that i can renew my passport using my married name as i have submitted the report of marriage.

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