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Registering overseas born son in Manila to get Philippine passport

Discussion in 'Migrating to the Philippines' started by Steve77, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Steve77

    Steve77 Member

    My son is already 5 years old and has s British passport, at the time we never registered his birth with the Philippine embassy ( would have made this much easier)

    Has anyone had experience of registering this in Manila? I have been looking online but it all seems all over the place as to what we need to do.

    He has his UK passport jut need to get him his Philippines one as it's costing a fortune on all the visa's all the time
  2. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    I am pretty certain you will not be able to do that and that the birth should be registered at the Philippine Embassy (or Consulate) in the country of birth. However, I'm sure you'll find a lawyer who'll quote you an exorbitant fee claiming he can help you but probably can't. I suggest you visit your nearest office of the Department of Foreign Affairs who may be able to assist - with advice if nothing else.
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  3. knightstrike

    knightstrike Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of people with your case. What they all did was head to the Philippine Embassy, or if you're in Manila, the DFA.

    Bring copies of your child and your wife's NSO Birth Certificates. Also a copy of your marriage certificate.

    Explain to them your case.

    Remember that the Philippines has just come out of the infant stage when it comes to online government services.
  4. Steve77

    Steve77 Member

    Just had a good look through the DFA says there as long as the overseas birth certificate is approved by NSOm so will check with NSO first, found a helpline so will give them a call thanks
  5. graham59

    graham59 Well-Known Member

    When my son (born UK) was aged around 2yrs, I procured for him what is known as 'Recognition'...as a Filipino citizen. He has a certificate from DFA, with thumb print etc. I didn't bother to apply for a Filipino passport though. He has never needed visas...sometimes staying there for up to 3 years.

    It was a long time ago, but I'm sure the Phils DFA website will give details of current requirements.
  6. deanobeano

    deanobeano Active Member

    I was asking my wife to try sort son out has he is 5 years old and has a nso birth cert with her ex partner on has he is a british citizen and father of her son and on his birt cert he has his dad passport number on it and signed by his dad but she has never registered the birth at british embassy in manila. Just thought it would help us to get him a british passport and not have to pay any fee for visas. how would i need go about doing it.

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