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Spotify Premium Prize Draw

Discussion in 'Forum Rules, Information and Announcements' started by Kuya, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. Kuya

    Kuya The Geeky One Staff Member

    Starting at the end of February, we will be doing a monthly prize draw to provide one member that month with a months free spotify premium:cool:

    For those that listen to Spotify for free, you know how annoying those adverts can be. Spotify premium gets rid of those and also allows you to download thousands of tracks onto a smartphone for offline listening (to keep well within your data allowance).

    But there's a catch! And the catch is very simple, post...

    By engaging in the forum on a regular basis, if you can post 35 posts or more in a week then you automatically qualify for the draw. For all new signups (for the first draw only), only 20 posts need to be made.

    Now, when we say posts, we mean "quality posts". And what is a quality post? Basically, it's a question, a comment or something relevant that isn't just a short message. Now this doesn't mean you need to write war or peace, a couple of paragraphs is all that is required.

    And any articles written for Euro Pinoy also qualify the author for entry!

    The winner will be announced at the start of each month (starting March) and Spotify Premium will be emailed to them.

    -- This has now ended due to other commitments --
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