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Spouse Visa (FLRM) - UKVCAS

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by AJEP, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:48 AM.

  1. AJEP

    AJEP New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to check if any of you have applied for the first FLR(M) that utilised the new procedure using the UKVCAS (Sopra Steria) route? Scanning the supporting documents.

    My wife has already submitted all documentation and has done her biometrics during her appointment last 29th March. However, there were no receipt or email notification that the documents were already received by the home office. We actually forgot to ask the UKVCAS representative what to do next or whether we will receive any notification that these has been received by a case officer or whoever takes the

    My wife's visa will be expiring by the end of June 2019.

    Appreciate your responses.

    Thanks and best regards,

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  2. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    i thought a flr application had to be submitted within 28 days before the expiry of her present visa ?
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  3. AJEP

    AJEP New Member

    Hi Bigmac,

    I was not aware that the application should be submitted within 28 days before the visa expiration. There was no restriction when we started filling up the application online. After completing the application, it prompted already to book for an appointment for UKVCAS (since we chose this route).

    Attached is the screenshot of the instructions after completing the application form online.

  4. ras911

    ras911 New Member

    yes all docs need to be uploaded to the portal
    Then you have to visit one of the drop in centres for them to check and hit the submit button
    Once received I expect your get a letter saying it may take up to 8 weeks to process
    We went yesterday to submit in Croydon 35 Dingwall Road Bedford Point on Saturday paid £50 seems they have taken the old method out now as we did not have the option and was forced to use the new service
    Ridiculous as I am self employed and I was not going to upload all my paperwork (250+) pages
    The place could not cope people were queuing for ages
    Ticket system in place
    My wife’s appointment was 1530 she eventually got out at 1810 !!!
    Staff said due to Post Offices not offering this anymore and they can’t cope as also influx of Brexit as well contributing
  5. AJEP

    AJEP New Member

    Thanks ras911. We were lucky it only took us less than an hour to complete the process as it was not busy during my wife's appointment. When you mentioned you received a letter saying that it may take 8 weeks to process, did you received it via email or someone from the UKVCAS drop in centre handed this letter to yourselves? Thanks!
  6. ras911

    ras911 New Member

    No not received anything yet but I am guessing that’s what will happen
    As I am assuming they must acknowledge receipt of the application thus letter or email
    And looking how busy they were Saturday I expect they will give the max of 8 weeks to make a decision

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