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The Cost of Staying in Touch !

Discussion in 'British Filipino Suggestion Box' started by C3lt1957, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    I have a phone and it does have a SIM card. But I never load it nor indeed use it.
  2. jai_ren

    jai_ren BANNED

    nobody helps themselves to your load balance unless a user stupidly even reads, much less replies to one of those barmy text messages that turn up in your inbox in the Philippines, you almost never get on roaming.

    in fact I think the 'phone companies in the Philipines steal load' cliche is a bit of an urban myth too. It's not just My Way.

    if you are losing load it is frankly likelier to be your girlfriend nattering to her family while you are asleep, or passing them load which they can do in the 3 minutes you are in the CR anytime. How long does it take to pass someone load from one phone that has load, to another one that doesn't. It's about 30-40 seconds.
  3. graham59

    graham59 Well-Known Member

    I don't need to be called stupid or instructed in how to use my phone thanks.
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  4. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    Globe roaming works as flawlessly as Smart's, Whippy, but does have to be requested a full 24 hours before you depart.
  5. Maharg

    Maharg Well-Known Member

    Our O2 international SIM arrived yesterday. My wife was able to use it last night for her first family argument and the quality was a lot better than Planet Talk as well as the price.

    I used to use a Smart roaming SIM, which wad useful, althoug I did find that I had to keep switching uk signal between O2 and someone else (Virgin I think), depending on where I was. It only worked on 2 networks.

    It was also useful when I went to Phils as I could turn roaming off and take it with me. So I could call her when I landed.

    I tried it yesterday before taking it out the phone to put the O2 one in, but it didn't work. Haven't used it for 3 years so maybe it's been deactivated.
  6. jai_ren

    jai_ren BANNED

    SMART'S roaming system is really stable and uncomplicated and they haven't changed the basics of it for years (activate it 1 at least hour before you leave the country, and have a minimum of 100 pesos balance) with GLOBE they keep changing the system. They've had at least 3 different systems I am aware of. A few years ago they had it so that you needed a minimum of 300 pesos load, I think they have changed that now to only 100 or 150, in line with SMART.

    but I fail to see why GLOBE need to have you activate roaming 24 hours before departure anyway, when SMART have been able to provide a roaming service activating it only one hour before departure, for about 10 years.

    It means you can't even use your phone for 24 hours before you leave the country. What's that all about? GLOBE do seem to have been making a bit of an effort to improve their roaming service, and it does not seem to be quite as abysmal now as it was before. But there is just something wrong, with GLOBE roaming. They've been tinkering about with it like idiots for years. It's nowhere near as good as SMART's..

    the best thing about SMART roaming is that it doesn't cost you a centavo so long as you use it just to receive text messages, and don't do anything at all else, with it. And I mean anything. No calls. No texts. No anything. Don't even check your balance when it's set to roaming. If you do, it will cost you 20 pesos.

    for text messaging and calls, if you are in communication with people in the Philippines a lot, and you are in the Philippines a lot as well and don't want to change your Philippines number, the best thing is surely to have a dual SIM phone with an inexpensive for foreign calls-and-texts UK Sim card in it like White, Lebara, Lycamobile, or the new UK SMART Sim for outgoing from the UK calls and texts in #1, and a Filipino SMART Sim for incoming texts from the Philippines, set to roaming in #2.

    you can alter the settings on the phone so it is not possible for the #2 Filipino SMART roaming Sim to make a call or send a text inadvertently. If it does, it might run up a large bill.

    right now in the UK, I have 2 SMART Sim's set to roaming. One of them is my main 'normal' Filipino number, which I want to keep and which I take care to have someone in the Philippines load it with 50 pesos per month while I'm away to keep it 'ticking over' as a precaution.

    the other one, I don't have anybody load it, just to see what will happen to it. SMART says that you have to keep loading it with a small amount once a month while you are away, but I don't think in practice that you have to do this. In the past I've not loaded it for up to 4 months while I was away and it still worked perfectly on arrival in the Philippines.

    SUN's roaming is really limited. They only offer it in a few countries where there is loads of Filipino OFW's like Hong Kong and Malaysia. It's not available in the UK.

    when you are in the Philippines, your UK PAYG Sim can become de-activated too. They vary, but some of them get de-activated after as little as 60 days non-use, and there are not many of them that last longer than 90 days non-use. Call up their UK Customer Service to check before departure from the UK. To make sure they keep activated so they work on return to the UK, you usually have to insert one of them in your phone in the Philippines after maybe 50 days or whenever the limit approaches and use it to send a single text message. That is enough to keep them 'live'.
  7. Izzycam

    Izzycam New Member

    Planet numbers from a landline are the cheapest, not the sign up deal, the one off ring anybody, anywhere deal. Read the site.
  8. Nick O

    Nick O New Member

    I use Giffgaf 11 pence per minute from uk mobile to ph mobile, not the cheapest but beats most, just top up with airtime credit as and when needed.

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