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The Mabuhay Manor Hotel

Discussion in 'Hotel and Travel reviews' started by Micawber, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Micawber

    Micawber Renowned Lifetime Member

    We just got back from Philippines last week.

    We had often wondered what it would be like to stay at the Mabuhay Manor Hotel on Ortigas Street in Pasay
    It's often featured on TFC and so we decided to spend a couple of nights there.
    Well actually I decided I wanted to spend a couple of days in and around MOA just relaxing and enjoying the shopping, dining and spa experiences

    It's actually just at the back of The Heritage Hotel if your taxi driver needs direction

    The hotel is rather interesting. Why?

    Because, it not a high-rise building, it's only 3 floors but covers quite an area.
    It's a very friendly, very clean hotel with a nice variety of different rooms and a really helpful service.IMHO

    Usefully, it has a good free WiFi service too

    It's very conveniently located near the airport and the Mall of Asia.
    For me, this hotel actually lived up to the promises of the TFC commercial.

    I found the staff courteous and friendly and I found the rooms spacious, clean and comfortable. Although it must be said quite basic. Don't expect frills.
    The toilet and shower room were much better than you normally get at this price range. I was very happy and am quite picky about CR and shower facilities.
    Free breakfast buffet is included, but is largely Filipino.(Unless toast and a couple of freshly fried eggs are OK)
    If you fancy a relaxing massage, it's included in the room rate and what's more it's mighty fine too.

    There's a nice private transportation service available to MOA (actually at any time if you just ask) for P160 (yeah, a little expensive but good and reliable and mostly cheaper than those robbing taxi's)
    Also convenient and cheap transportation to and from NAIA.

    There's mini-bar (although at possibly the highest prices I've ever encountered), free cable TV (including BBC world service)

    I couldn't easily find anything much to complain about (well apart from the mini-bar prices), but be warned that the bar/restuarant prices are also very expensive IMO.
    Not such a big deal since the dining treasures of MOA are right on the doorstep.

    Price for a night is around P2500 for a queen-bedded double room, which I'm guessing is not bad for an airport hotel.

    Well worth checking out for arrivals and/or departures.

    Oh and there is a small outdoor pool.

    Hope this helps some members.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  2. oss

    oss Not Here

    Forty quid a night is not bad mate, I can't think exactly where this place is but I will check up on Google, I rent our family's house for a lot less so hotels are not really on my radar these days but hotel prices in Manila have gone through the roof, 2500 peso is close to the levels we used to get back 8 years ago obviously so that is impressive, our currency has collapsed since then sadly :(
  3. oss

    oss Not Here

    Ah just found it, that's not bad for easy access to MOA (Mall of Asia for our other members).

    A 160 peso taxi is expensive, at that range it should be about 60 peso but you are right it's safer and the car will be next too new and modern not some knackered 1990's Toyota.

    MOA is nice there is a lot of variety and it's pretty, nice architecture, I like the place, we like the ground floor restaurants that have a view of the bay, I'm trying to remember the names but it's hard there are some good sea food specialists there.

    The waterfront restaurants are also really nice, our kids love playing on the slides in the little park at the waterfront as well, I do miss Baywalk though, that was closed in favor of Mall of Asia back in 2006-7 by my compadre Mayor Lim, they had their reasons but I liked the old seafront area it was more lively than the MOA seafront.
  4. Stellar

    Stellar BANNED AGAIN

    Air Bnb are really coming in with a vengeance in the Philippines now, especially in Manila. They are shaking everything up even more than Uber and Grab are with the taxis. Decent places, newer, and with better amenities are going for half, and even a third of what many of these hotels want. 12-15 quid can get you a decent studio with a fridge, aircon, WiFi, cooker, utensils all that and within walking distance of MOA. And it is Filipinos that are leading the charge away from the hotels, not the tiny minority foreign customers. The hotels must be getting pretty worried.

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