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Tourist visa

Discussion in 'Warnings and Dangers' started by Colin4000, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. DavidAlma

    DavidAlma Active Member

    Yes Tony, our visa was granted no problem. The guidelines on The UKVI website where you complete the form, is pretty helpful. If you follow those, you should be OK. As always, showing sufficient evidence to convince them that she will return after the visit is very important in the application.
  2. Tony A

    Tony A Member

    Thanks DavidAlma, I am reading every word in the guidelines and trying to work out the best way to tackle it, but the returning after the visit is a hard one as she will have finished her contract in Singapore by the date of travelling here and she is not named on her parents homestead, she will have an agency offer of finding her work but I feel that is not enough... I have indicated that after her visit here I want to visit the Philippines so I am hoping this will persuade them that she WILL return with me... I have time to keep thinking as I cannot apply until December as she will finish her contract in March..One good thing is that she has visited 7 other countries and always left on time...
  3. John Surrey

    John Surrey Active Member

    You said: "I am compiling a list of the countries that Mila has been to and the approx dates (As most were on an older passport)"

    Is she a regular overseas foreign worker?

    If she is then perhaps you could use her work history (and passport stamps) to indicate she is having a break between contracts to visit you in the UK for a while... saying she plans to return to continue working overseas as she has been doing for the past X number of years... etc.

    Is she the only child? - It's quite common here to transfer the title of the property to the children before the parents die (often to cover medical costs )...
  4. Tony A

    Tony A Member

    Hi John and thank you for your input which I have already taken on board regarding Taking a break from her contract plus listing all of the countries that she has worked in and visited.... I am also thinking of including that she needs to go back to the Philippines to arrange care for her parents before returning to Singapore for work, I am not sure whether to include this as is too much info maybe confuse the situation?
  5. Tony A

    Tony A Member

    Oh and no, she is not the only child... her Sister has just taken up a contract in Hong Kong and she was previously looking after her parents, her brother has taken over that care at the moment and this is why Mila has to return to the Philies first to sort the care out...

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