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Is this tampo?

Discussion in 'Relationship Advice' started by thingymejig2, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Druk1

    Druk1 Active Member

    I was in the hippodrome casino in Leicester square last year,my mate had a 20k watch on and looked the part,i was chatting to two filipinas and took the p*** telling them he won fortunes because of his "system",they followed him around the tables like glue for 30 minutes till we left.
  2. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    You must have been in awe!

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  3. oss

    oss Not Here Staff Member

    You can't break up with your children, I stopped helping her at all when she walked out on the kids last September, I still support my children I can't stop supporting them.

    15 years, it will be another 8 years before my daughter is independent, so the story is likely to continue.

    These are from the last few days, I have had some blissful peace at home without their mother.



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  4. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    Great pictures, mate.
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  5. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Lovely kids! They are growing up so fast...

    As usual Jim, your photo skills are plain to see.
    2 & 3 show your excellent compositional arrangement.
    Well done.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  6. Druk1

    Druk1 Active Member

    No,it was definitely the hippodrome ;)
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  7. graham59

    graham59 Well-Known Member

    When I split with my first (cheating) Mrs, my priority was keeping contact with our son... who was only 10 years old at the time. It would have been stupid to have fallen out with her, and lost contact with my much-loved child, so I played the long game.

    He stayed with me every weekend, and then at 14 years, he came to live with me full-time, but with two parents who both loved and cared for him... and were not fighting each other, and messing up HIS head.
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  8. Nickel

    Nickel Active Member

    Go and get a bouquet of roses...as tye song says...you don't bring me flowers..anymore

    Try it..might work!
    As for me i never get the chance to make tampo successfully with my husband,he is just too sensitive to catch me when i plan to .
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