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Paulino Alcamtara

Discussion in 'Sport Talk' started by Bluebird71, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Bluebird71

    Bluebird71 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone heard of him? Youngest player to play for and score for Barcelona.

    He played 177 games, scoring 200 goals. He was born in Iloilo, and represented Catalonia (4 games 4 goals), The Philippines (2 games 1 goal) and Spain 5 games 6 goals). Everywhere he played he averaged more than a goal a game, except for the Filipino national team.

    His scoring record is made more incredible by the fact that his manager (an Englishman) played him as a defender for a while.

    He played in the Philippines' 17 goal thriller with Japan (Philippines won 15-2), so I suspect he may have scored more than just the one goal.

    He became a doctor at the age of 31 and Barcelona played Spain in a game in his honour.
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  2. HaloHalo

    HaloHalo Administrator Staff Member

    I’ll baffle our office footie expert with that one :)

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