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Proposal so how did you do it?

Discussion in 'Relationship Advice' started by Distance waterways, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    thatswhat my wife has always called me. is it a filipina thing ?
  2. graham59

    graham59 Well-Known Member

    'Daddy' is probably more usual... apart from the normal 'mahal'.
  3. Drunken Max

    Drunken Max Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I get mahal, I think that is because my first name is Kevin and it comes out as Kebin.
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  4. Nicola Hickman

    Nicola Hickman New Member

    Hi DavidAlma-I messaged you earlier I'm a master's student at Bristol Uni studying migration, support systems ..and retirement. What you have posted above is very interesting. Would you be happy if I included you experience in my study ? Best wishes Nicky
  5. DavidAlma

    DavidAlma Active Member

    Hi Nicky

    Sorry I didn't see your message, but sure feel free to use our story. One twist that not everybody knows, is that I walked away from a small fortune, as in millions of pounds to rid myself of my previous marriage in order to be with my Filipina lady who is now my wife. So I know for sue that she didn't marry me for my money as I was literally penniless when we finally got together. Saved hard, luckily I had a good job and decent salary, in the past few years and started our life together.
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  6. Nicola Hickman

    Nicola Hickman New Member

    So glad you two are so happy. All the best to you both-loves a wonderful thing eh : ) Thank you for sharing your experiences its much appreciated.
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