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Skin tips for the women/men ...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TheChops, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. DavidAlma

    DavidAlma Active Member

    I'm sure there must be a funny follow up line to that, but can't think of it..........
  2. Mattecube

    Mattecube Well-Known Member Trusted Member

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  3. Scotschap16

    Scotschap16 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Stupot. In this case not as Kris is still wearing clothes out of her suitcase.

    Pharmacist said last night it may be just adjusting to new environment / different water.

    Sufficiently vague lol.
  4. Scotschap16

    Scotschap16 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mac - it's possible. In addition she's been coughing in the morning and has a lot of gunge / phlegm to clear. In this case I'm thinking maybe hayfever.
  5. John Surrey

    John Surrey Member

    Might be an adjustment thing - very humid here all the time - maybe she's wearing more clothes
  6. Maley

    Maley Active Member

    Did she try any home remedies yet?

    When i arrived, it was winter, so my face was irritated all the time (it looks like i had prickly heat on my face - we call it chicken skin). Im afraid to use any over the counter creams due to allergy concerns. I just used milk as cleanser, and lemon and honey as facial mask and stopped using anything to avoid compounding the irritation. It slowly worked but im not sure if its due to improved weather.

    You might want to give it a shot. Its natural and wont cost anything since its in your pantry already.

    I'd also suggest, try to determine the source. It might be the food something new that she only eats in the UK? Too much fried food? Wheat or gluten allergy? She might have food allergy she isnt aware of (allergy tests should be done every 3 yrs since it evolves).

  7. Scotschap16

    Scotschap16 Well-Known Member

    Thanks John..I'm sure it is some acclimatisation thing but not clothes related. She's not been wearing more clothes (Fnarr) on account of the great weather that has even reached Scotland!
  8. Scotschap16

    Scotschap16 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Maley - I mentioned your helpful suggestion to Kris - she'll give it a go. The rash on her calfs hasn't got worse so hopefully the creams mentioned above have helped.

    Her diet hasn't appreciably changed - perhaps more berries as the Scottish rasps and strawberries are in season and sooo good!

    Will keep everyone posted!



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