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Meeting for the first time

Discussion in 'Relationship Advice' started by Distance waterways, May 1, 2017.

  1. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Yes I have to agree with that , I'm not big but she was way smaller than I expected , tiny in fact. We had chatted on whatsapp for four months after meeting online , but it all felt good from the first meeting . Just be yourself , I hope it all goes well for you , If for any reason it doesn't , just be polite and honest . There are many decent girls out there .
  2. aposhark

    aposhark Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Have a great time over there.
    Those smuggling rings can be a bit risky, take care :)
  3. Drunken Max

    Drunken Max Active Member

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  4. Drunken Max

    Drunken Max Active Member

    Meeting for the second time was even better. We were very relaxed, like a couple getting back together after time apart. Very natural and relaxed. Too many tears on my last day though, and that was me.
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  5. Distance waterways

    Distance waterways Member

    Well 9 days left until I meet my nobya for the first time.
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  6. CampelloChris

    CampelloChris Well-Known Member

    My first meeting with Melody didn't go according to the fantasy I had in my mind. To be fair, I'd just survived a taxi to Alicante, train to Madrid, bus to the airport, 8-hour flight to Dubai, 9-hour flight to Manila, shuttle bus to the other terminal, flight to Laoag over something like 40 hours.

    Firstly, I was unaware that people weren't allowed into the airport building to wait for arrivals. Unconcerned that she might not actually be there, and far more preoccupied with the need to replenish the nicotine levels in my bloodstream, I had just lit up a ciggy when I noticed a crowd of people on the other side of the road. So I dragged my sorry ass and my suitcase which now had a broken wheel across the road where Melody, two of her neighbours and Kuya Will were waiting. I looked like SH1T, and because it was about 500 degrees C, immediately began to sweat profusely, almost putting my fag out. Melody gave me a shy hug and peck on the cheek.

    We piled into a car, and I sat holding hands with Mel while they all gabbled on in Tagalog. Honestly, it was like being in a foreign country!

    Are you hungry?
    No, not really, I've been fed about 28 times on the planes.
    We are. Can we stop somewhere?
    Yes. No problem.
    We will go to Jolibee
    (I had a drink while they polished off four hundredweight of chicken and chips. Melody nibbled at something wrapped in batter)

    The thing was, none of them had very much to say to me - hardly surprising as their mouths were rarely in a state where speech was possible. They just stared at me really. Having thick skin (4" thick in some places) I didn't take offence, and just put it down to curiosity, at least I tried to, but having three people staring silently at you while they eat massive quantities of chicken and chips is a bit weird.

    Having polished off a few percent of the entire Filipino population of chickens, we piled back into the car and off to our hotel. Room 58 of the Kings Court Hotel in Laoag City, which was cheap because it was, as it turns out, more usually used as a Love Hotel.

    Alone at last, able to relax at last and able to be horizontal for the first time in two days, I turned up (down?) the aircon and lay down beside the woman who was later to become my wife. I'm sure she would have liked to talk more, but her teeth were chattering due to the icy blast from the aircon unit. I turned the thermostat up and the power down, and we had a nap.

    It took a few days before I realised that we were so in synch with each other that it seemed totally natural to be together. When you get that feeling, it's time to make it a permanent deal, and having already run the gauntlet of meeting the family, we agreed that the next meeting would be a) longer than one week, and b) long enough for us to get married.

    On the 20th of December, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary, and although that first flush of romance has faded into a comfortable coexistence, I'm still overjoyed that this woman was dumb enough to say yes!
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  7. Drunken Max

    Drunken Max Active Member

    I'm off to the Cayman on the 27th December, my third and last trip. Next April Mica is coming here for a month. I am hoping the NW in springtime does its best to woo her.
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  8. Distance waterways

    Distance waterways Member

    Well I’ve been in Manila 4 days now. It’s been an eye opening experience of the differences between uk/ph and the have/have nots in Manila, the most heart breaking was seeing a family sleeping on the street.
    Are meeting was great and we have been getting on amazingly, tomorrow we are off to tagatay for 1 night witch should be fun, last night was dinner with the family it went well best comment of the night was “are you wearing contacts because you have blue eyes” good question but I wear glasses.
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  9. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Haha , funny story CampelloChris, thanks for sharing . Much of it sounds familiar . Filipinos love eating and singing .
  10. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    @Distance waterways, glad to hear your first meeting is going well. Manila is like most cities in the world , with rich people in beautiful areas , and unfortunately the complete opposite also . Take in as much as you can ,and enjoy the experience .

    Yes Filipinos usually love foreigners eyes, and luckily have a fondness for our noses , which many of us don’t have.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip .
  11. Distance waterways

    Distance waterways Member

    Well just a few days left here now and it’s not going to be good to part. We have been to tagatay and boracay both places were amazing.
    Unfortunately I’ve gone down with tonsillitis and had to go to makati medical centre, obviously I didn’t want to have to use the medical system but I was impressed how efficient it was. The Burger King and other fast food providers in there made me chuckle a bit thought. Hopefully later we will go to MOA so I’ve got the fun of shopping with a filipina
  12. Drunken Max

    Drunken Max Active Member

    You've done really well to put off MoA to the end. Go to the tech centre shops there. some fab gadgets
  13. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Good that you managed to keep her out of MOA until now , don't forget to ride on the big wheel .
  14. Distance waterways

    Distance waterways Member

    Well I’ve been back a few days now, I didn’t realise how hard it would be being separated. So we’re already looking for her to come over here in the summer and me going back for next NYE. Watch this space.
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  15. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    as you probably know--getting a general visit visa for the UK is far from easy..she will need to demonstrate strong ties to the filis--and a real need to return home within a set time. but--good luck with it.
  16. Distance waterways

    Distance waterways Member

    Yeah just started looking into it, but she owns property back in province. Has a job in Manila so will be on leave and is helping her brother, sister and cousin through college. So hopefully that will be enough of strong ties, she also has travelled a lot to HK, Singapore and Taiwan. With a trip on the cards to see her mum in Canada this year. So I’m hopeful of a result from UKBA but we all know it’s a bit of a lottery.
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  17. Maley

    Maley Well-Known Member

    Those are already good enough stuff to show ‘strong ties to ph’. Just make sure shows enough evidence of it when applying for the visa and she should be okay.
  18. Drunken Max

    Drunken Max Active Member

    Glad you had a good time. I find the first weeks after returning quite difficult and get a bit tetchy about the third week. Mica is coming here mid April for the first time for a month so we are just starting on the visitors visa now. Unbelievably nervous about it
  19. guitarfreak

    guitarfreak New Member

    I leave philippines tomorrow evening, im already feeling sad about it and theres over 24 hours left :(

    My situation is slightly different as im 28 and she is 25, the love and hospitality ive been shown as blown my mind. I still live with parents in uk and im used to doing everything, here my gf wont let me do anything!

    Then im going to have to wait until june to come back :(

    Oh and in response to the topic, the only surprise i had was initially how short she was next to me lol. Otherwise everything was plain sailing and i felt comfortable straight away. She even wore the dress i liked from her photos and met at letter N at the airport :)
  20. thingymejig2

    thingymejig2 Member

    I would like to share my experience.

    I first met my girl in real-life in Manila, January 2018, and I can honestly say it was the single-most amazing experience of my life. Where I summoned the guts and confidence from to do it, I'll never know! However the relationship turns out in the future, I will never forget the excitement, thrill, Adrenalin, joy, elation, and love I felt; how euphoric this girl made me feel when I actually saw her at the airport. I will always be grateful to her soul for this, and no-one can ever take this away from me.

    More detail for the curious :)
    I met my girl online via a dating site in November 2017, and we immediately hit it off.

    I should add that I had never "online-dated" before. I messaged one or two other Filipino girls, who showed little interest (or didn't reply), before I engaged with my sweetheart. I had previously been in a 6 year relationship with a Thai girl in the UK, as well as two short-term relationships, and the odd fling, with English girls. I had seen a fair few places during my holidaying over the years, such as USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, so I wouldn't consider myself particularly sheltered or lacking great experiences.

    During the first video call, we quickly discovered we were both looking for the same things in life (marriage, children, a happy home), and seemed to genuinely like each other. I would argue that the relationship began during this first interaction.

    Every single day from that point, we were in very frequent contact. She promised to quit her contract in Bahrain for me (where she was at that moment), and return to the Philippines, and we both fell for each other more and more every day.

    As soon as she'd landed in Philippines in early January, I booked my flight to meet her in Manila. I promised I'd fly around the world for her, she promised to quit her contract - we were already making sacrifices for each other.

    Before I flew out, we were both declaring how nervous we were. Being honest in that we were worried the other might not turn up! We spent hours, nay, days, re-assuring each other. She was also scared that I wouldn't like her in-person. She's so unbelievably cute, pretty, adorable and funny - I could simply never have imagined that happening!

    I pored over her Facebook pictures constantly, asking myself, "Is this really going to happen? Am I really going to meet this gorgeous, wonderful girl? Is this just a dream, or some trick!?" I honestly could not believe how lucky I'd been to find her so quickly. She regularly reminded me how lucky she was also feeling.

    I really couldn't imagine myself getting on that plane. I'd never done anything like this before, even more so on my own. I was completely bricking it. I thought I might not even make it back alive (judging from some people's warnings and stories of Philippines), even if I did muster the courage to get on that plane out of London!

    But I managed it. I got my head together, and got on that flight. But I still worried for the entire journey...

    Eventually, about 3 hours before landing, my girl messaged me (in-flight wifi), saying she was at NAIA and waiting. Well this was it - there's no way she'd bail now, not if she's come this far from Bohol.

    I landed, and as we taxied, all I could think about was how close she was now. I had dreamed of the day I would hold her and kiss her. Fantasised about our first eye contact, what her hair would smell like. I was so in love with this girl.

    I got through security, baggage retrieval and customs, and... where was she? She'd just told me she was by the money changer... There were loads of them! I walked around, frantically looking into the crowd of people, hoping I'd see her waving back at me... but nothing. I looked back down to my phone, to see I was now out of range of the airport wifi! Arrgh, I had no other way of communicating with her!

    I moved back closer to the outer walls of NAIA, and managed to pick up the wifi again. She called me and just said she was still by the changer. So I just took a chance and headed in the opposite direction to where I'd previously been, towards another changer... and there she was, in the distance, waving at me. She was wearing a plain white top and black jeans/trousers if I recall. Oh my God, she looked stunning. My heart stopped.

    I hurried towards her, suitcase in-tow. She disappeared into the crowd - succumbing to her apparent shyness! Then, a security guard, observing what was going on, beckoned her out, to come and meet me. She approached, coyly, and with every step, my heart swelled more and more with love. She was even more beautiful in real life, so immaculate and enchanting. I greeted her with open arms and hugged her tight, kissing the side of her head over and over. I looked into her eyes... Wow. Just wow. What was this girl doing with me!?

    We turned about and exited the arrivals area, and I told her we'd get a yellow metered taxi (which I'd learnt from my pre-trip research!). We queued, and I just kept looking at her, but she was constantly looking away. I'd turn her head to face me, and she'd just grin the biggest grin, before turning away again. She was obviously shy and a bit overwhelmed, as was I. It was so cute. I kept hugging her, and telling her, "I can't believe we're here", "I love you so much". I kissed her on the head, again and again. And again.

    We eventually got into the taxi and she instantly clung to me, squeezing the breath from me. Then she returned all my kisses. We held each other so tightly and lovingly until we arrived at the hotel. I had her in my arms at last!
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018

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